Our personal assistant package is an efficient and prestigious motivation mechanism that can also act as a reward to the best employees.

Thanks to our motivation program, based on concierge services, your employees will gain time and convenience as well as peace of mind in emergency situations. We support our clients in their personal day-to-day duties, freeing their time for more productive activities.

We deliver various packages ranging from support in emergency situations to complex assistance in household and personal duties, as well as, the organization of holidays and free time.

Exemplary services include, but are not limited to:

  • Support in home related activities, e.g. arranging child care, house-cleaning
  • Delivery to dry-cleaner’s, repair outlets and errand assistance
  • Arranging specialist services in a chosen field
  • Handling of gifts from creative ideas to packing and delivery
  • Family event and personal meeting arrangements
  • Holiday planning, accommodation and transport arrangement

They trusted us: